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AUTO CAD 2D & 3D Syllabus

Duration: 45 day                                                                                Daily: 2 hrs


Introduction to the course (warm up activities)

Unit 1 Introduction to Auto CAD                                  

  • Introduction Auto CAD
  • User interface Auto CAD
  • Advantages And Disadvantages

Unit 2 Co-ordinate System                                    

  • Graph Design
  • Co-ordinate System
  • Absolute Co-ordinate System
  • Relative Co-ordinate System

Unit 3 Tolerance on Turning                                         

  • Projection view
  • Industrial Drawing Reading

Unit 4 Drawing setting                                          

  • Units
  • Limits
  • Function keys

Unit 5 Drawing Commands                             

  • Line, X Line, X line, Polyline,

Polygon, Rectangle, Rev-cloud,

Circle, Arc, spline, Ellipse, Ellipse Arc, Hatch, Gradient.

Unit 6 Modifying Commands                          

  • Erase, Copy, Mirror, Offset, Array,

Move, Rotate, Scale, Trim, Extend, Break at point,

Join, Chamfer, Fillet, Explode.

Unit 7 Dimensioning                         

  • Linear, Aligned, Radius, diameter, Arc length,

Canter mark, Angle, Base line, Continuous, Dimension Break,

Dimension Space, Multi leader, Jogged, Jogged Linear,

Ordinate, Quick Dimensioning, Dimension Style.

Unit 8 Annotations                                 

  • Text, Style, Text edit, M text, Table, Table edit.

Unit 9 Object Properties                                     

  • Color, Linotype, Line weight, Match properties, Properties.

Unit 10 Display control                                         

  • Zoom, Pan, Streering wheels, Views, Regen,

Unit 11 Layer Management                           

  • Adding/Removing layer, Layer States,

Unit 12 Isometric                             

Isometric plane, Isometric view, Dimensioning



Unit 1 Live Examples (with Measuring Instruments)

  • Vernier Caliper, Micro meter, Depth Gauge, Height Gauge,

Dial Gauge, Bevel Gauge, etc.

Unit 1 Advance command                              

  • Group, Cal, Block, Insert, Attributes, Hyperlink, Divide, Measure, Plotting and printing, Parametric Drawing, Undo, Redo, Lengthen, Solid, Donut, Perspective view, Super Hatch,

Unit 2 3D Modelling

  • Box, Cylinder, Cone, spear, Pyramid, Wedge,Torus.

Unit 3 3D Creating

  • Extrude, Revolve, Sweep, Loft.

Unit 4 3D Editing

  • Union, Subtract, Intersect,

Unit 5 Visual Style manager  

  • 2D wireframe, Conceptual, Hidden, Realistic, Shaded.

Unit 6 Placement Training

  • Resume Creating
  • Personality Development
  • Communication Skill
  • Initial Screening

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